Pre-registering (signing up) for meets

A few seasons ago (2011) for our Jaguar meets we introduced something new, pre-registering athletes prior to the meet. This saves our timing & results crew hours of work prior to and after the meet. Last year we had the coaches helping out with this, but it took valuable practice time away from the athletes.

So parents we need your help.

Please help your younger athletes fill out their form (and one for yourself to refer to on meet day) and turn them into their coaches (or parents can bring them to the shed) at practice. Only one relay card is needed per team, so if your athlete is doing a relay just have them coordinate with the other 3 runners to fill out just one card. Remember relay teams need to be ‘all boy’ or ‘all girl’ and all the same age division. (Forms below)

If for some reason you cannot turn in your event slip at one of the practices prior to the meet, please email the same info from your athlete(s) event slip to by 6pm on the Friday prior to the meet.

New for 2014, SKTFC club members who do not preregister will need to pay $10 for day of meet registration.

7-8 yr old event signup sheets
9-10 yr old event signup sheets
11-12 yr old event signup sheets
13-14 yr old event signup sheets
15-16 yr old event signup sheets
17-18 yr old event signup sheets
Relay Cards

Field access during track

Jaguar Families,

In an effort to increase safety for all of our Jaguar athletes we ask all who are not acting in the capacity of athlete, Coach, or official to remain on the outside of the chain-link fence for practices & meets. Coaches please wear coach’s hats or green vest. Parents if you need to go onto the field we ask that you please get a vest from the track shed. Those individuals without a coach’s hat or vest will be asked to spectate from the outside of the fence.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The South Kitsap Track & Field Club Board members

Meets open to Masters Division

We are continuing for the 2013 season what we started in 2012, opening our meets to Masters age athletes. Since this is our second year to offer this, Masters will compete just after the 17-18 yr old age division or with them depending on the event & number of athletes. Please bring your own implements if different from youth sizes. We ask for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we still trying to incorporate this aspect into our meets.

Please see our ‘Meet Dates & Results’ page for our schedule.